Saturday, April 6, 2013

Photos as promised - Quick Update and Recap

 A bike I found underwater while diving with Andrew on his wreck diver speciality. It was a great dive on a landing craft. The only one used here and brought over to Malta from the UK. Andrew mapped the wreck while we had a good ferret about before getting up to some mischief on the return swim. Great dive. Especially seeing Andrew brimming with enthusiasm. I can see he has been bitten by the bug well and truly. It was also nice because I was allowed to dive using my kit which is familiar and perfectly fitted for me. Bit like getting in your own car and not having to move the seat. That added comfort which comes from using something lots.

 Above another photo from Andrew's wreck diver speciality. 
And below me putting my twins together again. Always always puts a smile on my face. This was pre a dive on Manoel Island on the X127 which, was a barge used to pump drinking water to troops on Malta during the second world war. I got a chance to dive with a load of the guys from Swed Tech which, is a DIR style diving organisation based in, you geussed it Sweeden. These guys are all really cool. Also great to see some younger faces doing tech diving, a sport predominantly dominated by crusty old men. This dive was hilarious as I was guiding two divers and accompanied by another diver. The wreck is only small and there were 9divers on it all wearing very very similar equipment. All good fun and didn't loose anyone even if I did have to do quite a few double checks to make sure those eyes were part of our team. All very competent divers and an absolute pleasure to feel at home diving with people who do everything under water the same as me. There is no way of knowing how relaxed and pleasurable it is to dive with a group of well trained DIR divers with out actually doing it (right). I know this is contraversial still in some circles but to be frank and to look at the facts anyone who dives a twinsett and doesn't do stuff this way is fast becoming the minority. Very odd when only a few years ago even the mention of DIR and people got their backs up. I once trolled a post on a forum about this asking the question if GUE has achieved what it set out to do. This was met with up raw but looking at the divers I see traveling around all diving as a team, practicing skills and refining techniques. The bar has officailly been raised and this has snow balled out to the whole dive industry which, is great to see.
 Me showing off my BCD (bouyancy control device), something I was not that familiar diving in before starting my DM but has become second nature, it is the same kit the students use and make things simpler for them. 

This is a photo of me giving the briefing to one of the groups of Scouts. Great fun ad great to see so many young faces really enjoying all things diving.

Last but definitely not least I have had an opportunity to do a try dive on the JJ rebreather (can't express how awesome this is) but I am going to save my thoughts on this until the next post where I should have some HQ (or at least better quality) photos of me diving on it. Wish me luck. My bubbleless adventure starts here.

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